Tin Boards

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Designed to improve the quality of a reponse

We can provide various types of Public Awareness Tin Boards which are available with us at very affordable rates. These are of very high quality and are very durable. Benefits of using "No Parking Tin Boards" for advertising & branding

'No Parking', 'Save Water', 'Keep Your City Clean & Green', are the slogans that the Government is engaged in promoting for improvement of the city. Such types of advertising is free of corporation tax.

Using our products for advertising & branding with above mentioned slogans, we can improve our society & culture. As this is being installed in various residential areas and private societies, no rent will be charged for the space

Size: 18" x 24"
Material: tin free sheet
Thickness: 32/34/36 gauge
Printing inks: light fast inks for outdor having validity from 12 to 18 months
Lamination varnish: gives strenght to the colours with glossiness
Fabrication: 5mm folding from four sides with hole punched in each corner

Still Unsure! You can spend some time in our No Parking Boards to see examples of No parking Boards and we think you'll be convinced.